We work with progressive and forward thinking companies to create purposeful, elegant and cohesive branding that creates strong impressions and goes so much further than a logo.



We strategise, create and develop the perfect brand for your business, whether you are just starting out, taking the next steps or in need of a refresh. We ensure you have the right assets to connect with your customers.


In the age of digital, print is having an unexpected but utterly welcome resurgence.  This makes us incredibly happy. Experiencing high quality print products is what got us interested in design in the first place. High quality print collateral has certain gravitas and memorability that is a serious struggle to replicate in pixels.

Art Direction

As a boutique Design Studio, we pride ourselves on the incredible design solutions we offer. We don’t create paint-by-numbers designs. Everything we do comes from an honest desire to make something original, beautiful and functional.

Every client we work with gets a bespoke service that fits the unique requirements of your project.

Good design, at its core, is creative problem solving. We assess the problem, consider all the options and present you with the clearest, cleanest, prettiest and most effective solution to whatever project we are presented with.


There’s nothing that lifts a project like a bespoke quality illustration.

Unique and considered illustration raises the perception of quality for the brand, product or event it is attached to.

We have our own in-house style of illustration but are by no means hemmed in by it. Our Art Director Oban Jones has spent many years working in multiple styles, creating beautiful and enthralling pieces for a vast variety of projects across a wide range of mediums.


High quality packaging is the first point of impact on your customer. We have designed packaging for a wide range of successful products, each time learning everything we can about the the product, the business, the consumer and the mode of sale. Once we are confident we know the needs, wants and requirements of the target audience, we create effective, impressive and clear packaging that effectively fulfils its purpose and raises the perception of the product and the producer.

Some of our recent packaging projects include packaging for skin care, coffee beans, playing cards, a magic set, recycled garden products, watches and diaries.


Your online pressence is your shop front and the first port of call for your customer & we help you create the best possible first impression.






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Oban Jones
Creative Director

Oban Jones is a renowned illustrator & designer who’s worked alongside clients such as Universal Studios, ITV, Ellusionist.com, Peter Mckinnon, Pearson’s Candy Company, and many more. He uses his well honed skills and distinctive style to create tailor-made designs for unique businesses. 

Oban has a passion for whimsical and vintage illustration with a clean, modern edge, typography and anything beautifully printed. It’s rare to find him without a pencil in hand.

Hannah Glassbrook-Jones
Studio Director

Hannah lives for stories. Stories make her tick, and she firmly believes that good branding and marketing is telling a good story. Hannah has extensive experience in copywriting, SEO, digital marketing & advertising, social media marketing and content creation.

She also has an eclectic mix of qualifications from a BA(hons) in History to a Wine and Spirit Level 3 award, and loves to get stuck into a bit of research.