What is it?

Your brand culture is the essence of how and why your company exists. It’s the way you treat your colleagues, employees and clients. It’s your beliefs and values and the way you communicate with them. It’s the common thread pulling through everything your organisation does. And sorry, but having a pool table or beer fridge is not brand culture.

Why is it important?

The world is very much focused on beliefs, cultures and values; the global political climate reflects this. Consumers are part of this climate, and choose brands based on how they relate to those core beliefs. Humans are emotional creatures by design, and we reflect our own sense of self in the brands we chose to engage with. It is also no longer possible to ‘get away with’ projecting one advertising message whilst operating entirely differently. Social media and communication has made every business transparent, and the customer wants to see the same message running from the outside all the way to the core of the business.

How do I create it?

Ah, now this is the tricky part. Brand culture cannot be orchestrated. It has to be proven. Set your brand values and live them. Your culture will then develop organically. If something doesn’t match your values or beliefs, then don’t offer it. Consumers are savvy, and they can smell the bull a mile away, so don’t throw away values for a quick buck. It’ll bite you in the butt pretty quickly. It’s all about what your business stands for, why your employees come in everyday, why your customers return to you.

Where can I learn more?

Get in touch today for a free brand assessment. We’ll outline any immediate issues and discuss the next steps to give your brand identity the love and attention it deserves!